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My name is Adelo Ramirez owner of Los Gemelos, many of you may know me and many do not. For those of you who know me, you guys know I am always trying to improve Los Gemelos and for those of you who do not, please allow me to serve you. This page is very important too me, since all these comments come directly to me and know one else.

I give you my word that any suggestion or complains will be address immediately and will be corrected ASAP. I encourage you to please write and let us know what you would like us to work on.

To all you households chefs, thank you for prefering our Soft Shell Corn Tortillas and Chips to cook with !!!

Port Chester
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Thanks to all you loyal patrons, we have been here for over 13 year and with all your support, help and encouragement we will be here for ever. Thank you!!!